Mark A. Adams, Ph.D.

PTSD: There’s an App for that

The National Center for PTSD developed an award winning App called PTSD Coach.  The App for iPhone and Android is free and well designed.  The App is not a substitute for treatment, but a supplement, a way of using your mobile phone as a portable place of self-help support in the management of your PTSD symptoms.


It provides psychoeducation on PTSD and treatment, self-assessment with track your history graphs, manage symptoms tools, and find support options.  It offers individual customization to create a support network using your contact list, also under “Setup,” it allows you to create an album of your own images/photos and music or audio files to motivate and take care of yourself in times of distress.

Under “Manage Symptoms” it covers a range of symptoms, for example “Feeling Sad/Hopeless,” “Angry,” or, “Unable to Sleep.” It will ask you to rate your distress level on the chosen symptom from 0 to 10, and then it will give you specific self-help tools for managing that symptom and distress level.  It is a well designed mental health App, with interactive and customizable features, and readily available on your mobile phone in times of distress and for staying on track with your recovery and well-being.

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